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Post by JOE


Post by Joe M.

Answers c/l ads, says they're on the way with cash then 15 minutes away but no shows, was never coming. Must suffer from little man syndrome.

Post by Sue

Keeps calling several times a day and hangs up.

Post by Dani

Called, no one there. Called back and got fax. Highly annoying.

Post by Joe

This guy is a total jerk and a liar

Post by Joan Ford

Phone stolen washington Dc /Tenleytown Library/ December 7 2016/@ 8:30PM

Post by Ivan

Keep calling late evenings

Post by L. Forman

Clicks...then recording in spanish.

Post by Marta Escamilla

This number is CONSTANTLY calling my phone. I want it to sop. It's some type of radio station game or something.

Post by Vicky

They keep calling to my job and trying to insult me, i hung up on them and they threaten to call to my boss and make fire me

Post by Dushan41

Left no message. Called twice. I don't know this number. It's a scam

Post by Kathy Burns

Trying to collect on a fast cash payday loan after already cashing the check. I set up a payment schedule and made first payment. They cashed check and then tried by phone to set up another payment schedule!

Post by J

Started receiving calls from this number to my cell and then to my home number. I do not answer calls that are unknown to me. They have called daily in past two days both home and cell.

Post by Warren

Robocall saying we were qualified for a free trip. Something about PCI Resorts. Hung up. *69 revealed the number 503 974 1373. Unable to ring back by the *69 method. Called it back, which went to a recording saying that ''the survey is closed and your name is removed from from the list'' (AND STILL ON THE MASTER LIST THAT SOME CLOWN IS SELLING).

Post by smarter than them

Ok, now you have a report on the number: This number has called me 6 times in the past week. I finally picked up quick enough to get a person. She asked for Herb Adams. I pretended to call him to the phone and then told her he was indisposed. I asked to take a message. I was the scam asking Veterans about their VA loans on property. This is a known scam, so don't fall for it. I wonder, if I had answered the previous 5 calls, who they would ask for. Of course, there is no Herb at my phone number.

Post by Toad

Has called me 14 times since 10/19/16. Never leaves message. Some days calls more than once.

Post by sou

spam calls, hang ups so must be robot calls trying to sell something or worse.

Post by the wife

My name is not Trish Moreno......guess who is caught now.

Post by john

spam, message recorded to fake being a live call, but it is a recorded message. they lie and tell you you are contacted because you stayed at "one of our resorts" and have won something. wish i never answered but it was faked to look like a local call.

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