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Post by Hanah flowers

It sends texts of insults repeatedly. "You sicko, being a retard." "Dumb A-Hole." "You little faggot."

Post by Donald Trump

Scam Artist Caller.

Post by Sheri

Didn't answer call. So I called the number back and got a recording of some radio station and something about a vacation. I just wish they would stop calling me

Post by Carlos

Safe phone... Trying to fill a job position (software based)

Post by John

Called and said they were calling because I stayed a their resort. I do not travel and haven't stayed at any resort and when I tried to tell them this they fumbledd and acted as if they couldn't hear me. What a bunch of scammers.

Post by Paula

When it calls and you answer it beeps like your on record

Post by Fred

This number tried to scam my Scotia Bank info, haven't had an account with Scotia for 11 years, so NO it's not a safe text to reply to.

Post by Tiffany Johnston

This number is showing up in my bill

Post by D

This number sends harassing text messages.

Post by brie

they call me and when I call them back they dont answer

Post by Na leddikk

Keeps texting me

Post by

Got a txt from this number asking me follow a link to "confirm your account identity in order to avoid an immediate suspension, ...." Http://www.scotiabanking-onlilne.pe.hu

Post by Mary

Male caller, "Mike", claimed to be grandson and needed $4K bail. Said he went to a funeral in FL and cops pulled over his taxi and found pot in the back and he was arrested. 100% scammer.

Post by Reston

Multiple calls over many days without leaving message

Post by bella10

A female answers. She's in the adult industry.

Post by Rachel

This phone number is sending out links of personal videos and photos I have NOT authorized or gave permission too. I want to know who its registered to!

Post by GD

Craigslist Scammer...Want to send cashier's check and offer more money to hold item. Beware

Post by Terry

I have been getting calls from this number for weeks. They are trying to send a fax or something and I can't get them to stop. There is no way to contact them.

Post by Steve

Fake Facebook account sending out friend request.

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