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Post by bob quesnel

received a text message from this number 1+514-290*6862 title BMO Alert BMO has noticed unusual activity on your Online Banking account. To avoid services suspension, We suggest you to verify your identity immediately : bit.ly/BMOmobile this is a scam. I did not follow link and have no BMO account

Post by Mary

called our Business accusing us of supporting the ND Pipeline and called me a very degrading Nasty name.

Post by Sarah

It's a spam call saying they're trying to sell Bahamas's cruise tickets

Post by sash

called and did not speak

Post by annon.

texts threatening shit to cops

Post by Paddy Rice

Received message on my phone: Your bank account has been disabled. Please click the following link to activate.......... I didn't do anything but delete the message immediately.

Post by Kevin

Keeps calling , does not leave a message. On call back recording says line is disconnected. Stop fucking calling me asshole!

Post by Martha

This person calls me at any time any day of the week , he claims he don't speak English and that he is calling some one by the name Linda at Social Security Office , but for my understanding this office are closed on Sundays and in the middle of the night , don't know what to do anymore with this funny calls to my cell....

Post by Brigitte

This is a sex talk line someone called me from this number and I don't know how they got it and I'm very upset

Post by cease & desist

Well-fair cases/System junkies who are easily amused by the thought of prank/scam calling people, very pathetic and sad for these nobodies to be calling people on MONDAY NIGHTS needless to say this number has been blocked and reported everywhere! More or less this number belongs to a very sadistic, sociopathic girl...

Post by Denise Delisi

(516) 417-3088Post by Denise Delisi 14 Seconds ago (516) 417-3088 Want to know who text me at my number shown

Post by carlos dasilva jr

This is a beautiful women and I screwed it up I love you

Post by amber t

Liar scum cheater

Post by The Crow

Number of a Internet Scammer. Will lie about being a Father, Detective or FBI agent.

Post by Andre Comeau

Likely credit card fraud

Post by D2 in Texas

510-681-0083 sent me a text that is reported to be a phishing site scam.

Post by SickofKW

constant calls and text messages. Realtor for Keller Williams that will not stop hounding us, name Jason Roberts of Punta Gorda, Fl

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